Whether you have scars or acne scars on your face that you wish to remove, or sun damage, wrinkles on your face; CO2 is the treatment you need!

CO2 Skin Resurfacing is a laser treatment carried out for patients who want to get rid of scars and wrinkles. It is an ablative laser used for skin resurfacing treatments wherein the outer layer of your skin is eliminated, hence producing desired outcomes.

The Procedure

Our medical professionals at Navila Medi Spa will administer anaesthesia to numb the area that is to be treated and clean your skin to avoid any bacteria or dirt.

The professional will then begin your treatment by using laser on the skin and moving it around slowly. The treated area will then be dressed to protect it.

The healing process after treatment takes about 10 days after which you can resume regular activities and apply makeup or other cosmetic products on your skin.

The Result

Once your CO2 treatment is completed, you will have skin that is rejuvenated and smooth. CO2 skin resurfacing works well with just a single treatment and thus, it is one of the best cosmetic treatments you can get.

Navila Medi Spa offers you CO2 skin resurfacing by experienced professionals hence, maximum results are guaranteed.